Friday, April 24, 2009

Morning update-Prayers for poop

Gavin was moved to the intermediate floor last night. Adam stayed at the hospital and let Faith get a good nights sleep at the hotel. Joe is in the process of taking Faith to the hospital and bringing Adam back. The girls got here last night and Aunt Tara was soooo nice and sent homemade sugar cookies in the shape of a heart!!!! Thanks Aunt Tara!!!! We have been craving your delicious cookies. We (anyone other than Faith and Adam) are not allowed into the room before 8 am so we will be there right at 8. Kristen and Kate can't wait to see Gavin.

We need prayers for poop!!! Adam said that they were going to catheter Gavin if he had not urinated by 3 am. Thank goodness he did pee pee before then. But...Gavin needs to have a bowel movement. He has been vomiting too. They did a chest xray this mornin and he has a little fluid in his left lung. Please pray hard today that Gavin will get over this little bump. Emotions are up and down. Thank you for your prayers!!! Mitzi


Drea said...

Little bumps were expected...sometimes it is one step forward and a couple back...
We as heart families know this all to well..
I have not stop thinking about Gavin and How well he is doing.
I am sending all my get well vibes, and prayers your way!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm praying hard that the fluid will just go away and that Gavin can poop! He's such a brave little guy! Prayers for Adam and Faith for stength too. Thank you Mitzi, you're doing a great job keeping us informed! Love to all the family there!


Alyson said...

I'm praying that he pees all of that extra fluid out of his lungs and that he has a nice poopy too !! :0)