Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Day 8

Faith here- sorry for the late update. Today I have been very busy with a more active two year old. Gavin did not vomit over night or today during the day. The drs are allowing him to have banana, rice, applesauce and toast. He had bites of each and kept it down all day. He still has a lot of drainage coming out of his tube and still no bowel movement. After blood work, they discovered Gavin's potassium levels are very low-which is not good for his heart at all-so they started him on a potassium drip. It wasn't any better tonight so they had to give him an oral boost. Guess what? He vomited it all up! They really don't think the vomiting will continue, its just the amount he had to have along with his other nightly oral meds. Adam said he is still a happy guy. He was in the best mood today, chatting it up with me. We took a ride in the wagon again and played in the playroom for about 10 minutes before he was ready to go back "nite nite". Today he looked down at his chest and said "Dr. Peter fix me, I fine." Totally made me cry. Please pray that we all stay well, there was a line out to the street from the ER tonight. Everyone was wearing masks. It is all over the news here about the swine flu. I am off to bed, will post more pictures tomorrow.


Cari Smith said...

So glad things are starting to look up. I'm still praying for the potassium levels, no swine flu and for the poop.

Jenny said...

Faith and family,
I continue to have complete faith that God is in control and he knows what he is doing. The world certainly hasn't been very easy (or very "fair") for you guys, but I know who to call when I need advice or support from a family of superheros :-)!!! You ALL are amazing! We are praying for Gavin's drainage to slow down, performing many "poop dances" (kind of like a rain dance), praying the potassium level gets back to normal, swine flu stays far-far away, and Gavin's moods continue to improve daily. I can imagine its nice see him play, even if it's just for short bout. Thank God he is feeling a little better!
Faith, please protect yourself and Baby K. Many of my prayers are for your safety and good health!
Adam, keep being the awesome Dad and husband that you are!!
We love you all so much,
Jenny, Brandon and Bawee

Cassie said...

Such a sweet boy! That made me cry, too:) Praying for you.

Kara said...

that is just crazy about the swine flu! U guys are in our prayers daily. Just think here soon this will all be a distant memory and you can concentrate on getting ready for that new baby! Thanks for keeping us updated with specific things to pray for. I am so happy that Gavin is feeling better! He is such a stud!