Thursday, April 23, 2009

Afternoon update

There have not been a lot of changes today. They took Gavin's chest tube out. He needs to eat something and have an increase in his urine. He also needs to have a bowel movement. So...for all of you prayer warriors you know what you need to do! Adam just left to go take a nap at the hotel. He will be staying all night. Faith and Trenna are in Gavin's room. I plan on taking Trenna's place soon!!! Faith is excited because Kristen (Faith's sister) and Kate (my daughter) are flying in tonight. Gavin loves both of them and we have already been telling him that they will be here tomorrow. Adam and Faith can really use your prayers as well. I can tell that they are feeling the strain. Especially Faith since she is pregnant. She is being a good patient for all of us mothers and eating 3 meals and getting some rest too. For all of you at home we feel your presence and prayers. We know you would be here if you could. Thank you for y0ur support!

Just as I was getting ready to finish this blog Trenna came to the waiting room and told us to come look down the hall. Gavin WALKED to the end of the hallway to say hi!!! Can you believe that! Barely 24 hours after open heart surgery! We are praising God!! Thank you God!!! Mitzi

P.S. The nurses said that they have NEVER had a patient in PICU get up and walk while they were in there!!


mina said...

Praying for pee and poop, and everything else to help get Gavin home soon. Yay for the walking already, what a trooper!

Stacey Eby said...

WALKING already? What a miracle man you have! Go, Gavin, Go!!! Praying for all systems to work soon!

Erin said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! The chest tube is already out AND he walked down the hall! WOW!!! This news brings tears to my eyes. God is so, so good! We're praying for Gavin's continued progress and healing.

Gavin definitely is the "top of his class." We may need to get him a valedictorian sash! :)