Thursday, February 05, 2009

Happy Heart Day & Cardiology Appointment

Surgery Day..... February 5, 2007

Coming home day... February 16, 2007

Two years ago today, Gavin went in for his 2nd open heart surgery... the Glenn: The second stage procedure, called the Hemi-Fontan or Bidirectional Glenn, reduces the work of the right ventricle by allowing it to pump blood only to the body, and allowing most of the blood to flow automatically from the body into the lungs. The second stage is performed when the pressure in the baby's lungs has decreased, no longer requiring the pumping action of the right ventricle to get blood into the lungs. This surgery is usually performed at about 4-6 months of age when the traditional Norwood has been performed. When the Sano Shunt is performed, the second surgery usually needs to be done earlier - at about 3-4 months of age - and the babies need constant monitoring to determine when they are ready for the second surgery.
I can't believe it has been TWO YEARS?!? Now we are preparing for surgery number THREE?!?

I thought I would give everyone an update on Gavin...
Tuesday, we made the trek to the city for Gavin's cardiologist appointment. We made a "girl" trip out of it... well we had one lil' guy with us! My mom, grandmother, mom's friend and her daughter all went along for the ride! We left around 8, but didn't actually make it on the road until 8:45ish. Once we were on the road, about 30 minutes into the trip... I made the comment, "Gavin is really quite" sure enough he let out a few loud burps and then started vomiting. So I pulled over and we got him settled down, moved his car seat to the middle row and changed his clothes. I never bring extra clothes, but for some reason I did that day! We switched drivers so I could sit with Gavin and take care of him. He was fine, no fever, nothing... he was in a chipper mood. We headed to a local college to drop of some stuff to Adam's cousin Brady and then headed to breakfast at Mimi's Cafe. Gavin was so confused, he kept asking for Mimi and Pa Pa since we were at "Mimi's". Then we went to Edmond to look at some shops, Gavin slept in his stroller most of the time. Before we knew it, it was time for Gavin's appointment!

Ok, I am going to try to break down the appointment, so family especially can get all the details:

*Gavin's oxygen levels were 85%, which is good for him!
*Gavin's blood pressure was normal.
*We talked to the cardiologist about him randomly vomiting (not just on our way to the city, but on several occasions through out the last month)... Cardio referring him to a GI doctor again. Gavin had reflux as a baby, took medications, but seemed to grow out of it. Basically, we need to get this checked out and see what is going on!
*Talked with cardiologist about Gavin having another procedure (on another area of the body)done during the heart cath. Talked about pros and cons of that. Pros: Gavin would only be under anesthesia once. Cons: Gavin will more than likely get an infection and will require antibiotics and a longer stay at the hospital. Cardiologist will speak with the specialized doctor about what is best for Gavin.
*The scheduler will call us by the end of this week to schedule his pre-surgery heart cath for sometime in the next six weeks. We will let you all know when the date is scheduled so you can start praying!
*During the cath in August, Gavin's pressures were too high... so they started him on a medication. The medication was suppose to decrease the pressures. If this cath shows that his pressures have not decreased they will put off the surgery until the pressures decreases. Going ahead with the surgery while pressures are high is not a good thing and can be detrimental to Gavin. Putting off the surgery for too long is not a good thing either. Our prayer is for normal/low pressures so we can get this surgery behind us!
*Fatten Gavin up!!! He is still on the low percentile for his weight and they want him bigger for surgery.
*All-in-all it was a great/informative appointment.
It has been an emotional roller coaster, but we are ready to move into a new phase of life... it's scary but bittersweet. We are so proud of our little man!


Laura said...

Happy Heart Day Gavin!!- yesterday. What a blessing you are! We will continue, as always, to pray for you and your mommy and daddy! Your are a precious little boy. So happy you had a great appointment in the city. We love you guys! Hope is blowing you kisses Gavin!

The Simmons Family said...

We're praying for LOW pressures in the cath lab so Gavin can get that 3rd surgery soon and be done with them!

I've always dreaded the 3rd surgery and now that we can't have it and need a transplant... I wish I could go back on my word and PLEASE have the 3rd surgery!!

It's not in our plan.. but we'll pray that Gavin has a smooth surgery (when the time comes)!

Stacey Eby said...

Yea, Gavin, Happy Heart Day, big guy!! We will be praying for low levels and everything to be ready for the surgery.

I would also like to say, "GAVIN needs to gain weight??" REALLY? Grant is in awe of that comment ;)

Stacey and Grant

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that was 2 years ago! Before you know it you will be 2 years from now talking about how well his 3rd surgery went!!! Love you all!

Davis Family said...

What a bunch of news to digest. We'll pray that all will go well leading up to the next stage. Maybe our kids will have it at the same time?
God Bless you all.

Albert & Codie said...

Faith - thanks for the update. We are praying, praying, praying.