Sunday, January 18, 2009

Update on Harper

Yesterday, Adam and I found out that Baby Harper was life flighted to Tulsa instead of Little Rock. So we decided to greet Harper's parents with some hugs, hospital necessities and contact info. for their stay here. I have to admit when we arrived at the hospital I got a little nervous... I thought to myself these people have no idea who I am, I just read their blog and pray for their baby. They were so welcoming with tears and hugs. It was a great experience and I truly believe the Lord put them in the right spot. Please join us in praying for this beautiful family. If you click on their blog you quickly realize how many people all around the world are praying for them.


Megan said...

Faith, I read about you doing that on Kelly's blog and it brought tears to my eyes. You are just so sweet and such an example of Christ's love. I am thankful for people like you!

Erin said...

It warms my heart to know you and Adam went to visit Kelly and her husband at the hospital. I know she appreciated it got a shout-out on her blog! You and Adam can definitely be a source of knowledge, encouragement, and blessings to this family. They will continually be in my prayers.

Laura said...

You guys are so awesome. It must have been so nice for them to have you show up offering support in a place they are unfirmiliar. What a true blessing you guys are.

Anonymous said...

Faith, that is awesome that you and Adam were there for them! We have learned so much from your love, faith, and dedication! I will definitely add baby Harper to my prayer list.

Much Love,
The Wards

Kelly said...

You will always be special to me because I was so scared/nervous/tired/sad/upset when I first got to the hospital and you were the first faces I saw. It made getting there a lot easier.
Thank you for being willing to let God use you to encourage others. I can tell what huge hearts ya'll have because of Gavin's special heart. We will be praying for him. He is precious!