Thursday, January 01, 2009

Good Bye 2008!

Here is a look back at some of our favorite posts/moments from 2008:

January: Gavin is walking!
February: Celebrating a year since Gavin's Glenn
March: Gavin gets a new cousin!
April: Our 2nd year to participate in the OKC heart walk
May: Mother's Day Trip to Texas
June: Summer Fun!
July: So Small...
August: Coming home from a successful heart cath!
September: Our trip to see Dr. Peter in San Diego
October: Gavin's 2nd Birthday!
November: Picture time!
December: Christmas Train

2008 was full of ups and downs... The ups definitely out weighed the downs.... we are blessed every day to wake up to a precious little boy that rocks our world! I know that 2009 will bring us another heart cath, more hospital stays, more illness, and another heart surgery but we will trust in God and his plan for us in 09. We are so blessed!!

Thank you all for sharing with us in 2008. Here is to a new year with new blessings. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy 2009 Gavin! You have blessed my life so much! I can't wait to share another year with you. Much love!!! Z

Ryan, Laura and Grace said...

I love this idea, I hope you don't mind if I "borrow" it. I have forgotten so much until I looked back at our calendar. I hope Gavin is feeling back to himself. We wish you guys an amazing 2009 filled with many many great memories!