Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Almost TWO!

I realized I never posted a "23 months" post. I thought I should because Gavin has really picked up his vocabulary. He was actually dismissed from Speech Therapy last month, which really, really makes us proud!!

*New words/phrases:

Phrases I hear in the car, every time!
"Mama, da cool bus" -Mama the school bus.
"Mama, da truk" -Mama the truck.
"Mama, da pane, da sky" -Mama, the plane in the sky.
"Mama, cream" -Mama, ice cream. (Every time we pass an ice cream store)
"Mama, booooo"... starts crying -Mama, moo. (When we pass Chick-Fil-A, he is very scared of the cow that stands out there and waves)

"Owange" -Orange
"Boo" -Blue
"Wed" -Red
"Geen" -Green

*Gavin's Great Aunt Patti brought him an early birthday present last week... it's really a rocket, but Gavin calls it a "pane"! You press the button and it says "Blast Off"- Gavin screams "OFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF". He rides that thing around every where. Definitely a favorite toy! Thanks Auntie P!!

*Gavin loves to say his prayers. When we sit down for dinner he has his hands together, ready for prayer time. I know you all are thinking, "what a sweet little boy"... well we discovered the other night that once we close our eyes, he throws his food on the floor for the dog to eat! We caught him... and for awhile we were so impressed with his wanting to pray at such a young age! Ha! Ha! Don't worry he is still a sweetie and says his prayers at bedtime... Our night time routine is bath time, read a book and say our prayers together. We each take a turn... Gavin says "Daddy pay... Mama pay". Then he pretty much repeats what we prayed for. Most of the time this is how his pray goes, "MamaDadaNanaPaMimiPaPaKikiBubbaCarCar(his cousin Carson)...AMEN" no pauses, no breaths, just straight through! These are the names that he has down pretty solid. The other night he threw in "Rye-A-Knee"(Uncle Ryan)"TaTa"(Aunt Tara)"Yawn"(Jon)"Baby"(Cousin Paxton). We are working on Cousin Camryn and Aunt Erin, a little hard for him to say!!... but don't worry you and every one else are in Mama and Dadas prayers!!

*Monday, Gavin will be TWO!!! I can't believe it!!! Stay tuned for a birthday post and pictures!!!


skid loader attachments said...
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Brooke said...

He is such a cutie! I love reading about his new words and the poses pics are cute. Thanks for you comment on my letters. They turned out better than I thought they would!

Anonymous said...

I have the Best nephew in the whole world!!! I love that boy more everyday!
Aunt Kiki

Albert & Codie said...

I am cracking up at your comments and at Gavin's poses! Such a fun age. Looks like you guys are having so much fun as a family!

April S. said...

I see today is the BIG day....Happy 2nd Birthday Gavin!