Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Update on Gavin... 22 Months...

On August 13th Gavin turned 22 months, can't believe he will be TWO in TWO short months!!!

Gavin at 22 months:

*Vocabulary picking up: words added: "I know, I know" "Bowl", "Cup", "Refrigerator", "Computer", "I don't know", "Spoon", "Fork", "Please", "Prayer" and his all time favorite phrase: "I did it!"

*New favorite songs: "The Alphabet", "Oh Happy Day", "Sound of Music-Do, Re, Me"

*New found love besides Elmo- "CHOO-CHOO's" Everything is about trains!!! He also loves planes and screams "Plane" when he hears one in the sky.

*Foods have pretty much stayed the same, he loves his dairy! We have added smarties, potty training prize!

*That's right we have started potty training, we are at home all day, so we are trying to find things to do! He has made a good start though!! We ask him to go get a diaper out of his drawer and he comes back with underwear, he really likes his underwear!

I am working on an Elmo/Primary Colors themed 2nd birthday, I have never been a fan of "character themed" parties but I broke down and decided to do it... the kid is obsessed, how could I resist? However, it will not be a full out Elmo theme, I am adding my personal touch! BTW, this is just my personal opinion, please do not get offended if your child has all character themed parties! ;)

I thought I would share what is going on with Gavin's health:

Yesterday Gavin had an appointment with the cardiologist. During his heart cath they coiled off some vessels around his lungs and they think that Gavin's vessels around the lungs are not working properly. They are starting him on a medicine to dilate the blood vessels in hopes of decreasing the de-stating issues. The doctors are keeping an eye on the blood clot in his neck (via ultrasound). They also sent Gavin home yesterday with a halter monitor to observe his heart rhythms, rates, etc. during the day and while he sleeps. Hopefully we will learn more about what is going on with this test. The cardiologist told us yesterday that they feel that Gavin would struggle through the next surgery if we don't get these issues under control before surgery. So they have given us a tentative time frame of Spring of 09 for his 3rd open heart surgery. We go back to the cardiologist in October. Please continue to pray that these issues will be resolved very soon!



Anonymous said...

Potty training so early, you must be brave...
I have thought about it with Hunter, then smack my head. I don't think I am ready for all the work.
Maybe in the
Glad to hear they are keeping an eye on GAvin..
take care.

Sarah said...

2 months until 2 that is awesome!! I love all the pics with Dad- my boys are so into their Dad right now- I love it!! I wish I was cooler than him though, I mean I am but they don't seem to know that! LOL He is just adorable!

Anonymous said...

Love all the pictures!!!!

Thinking of you all.

Love, The Voss Family

Keeley said...

We will definitely be keeping Gavin in our prayers! He looks like he is right along where all other 2 year olds are...what a blessing!

Kimberly said...

Ha, You know I feel the same way about our Elmo themed party! I'm trying to tie in pink to make it cutesey and the best of it! :)