Friday, July 25, 2008

Home Again...

Picture: 7.19.08, Isn't he a cutie?!?

Wednesday Gavin was admitted to the hospital and put in ICU because he was in respiratory distress and had some swelling again. He was on oxygen through out the night and completely weened off by Thursday morning. Once he was stable, we were sent to OKC (Gavin originally had an appt. scheduled with them on Thursday) for a look over w/ the cardiologists. So it has been decided that Gavin will have a heart cath sometime next week. He is running a fever and has been since Wed. so they have to wait for him to be fever free. He is much more active/talkative now, so we are thrilled about that!!! We should get a call today to schedule a definite cath date. Will keep you updated and we appreciate your prayers!!!


Beth said...

Yes he is such a cutie! Sorry to hear you guys were in the hospital again. Will continue to pray for you guys!


Simmons Family: said...

I just read up on Gavin's complete journey.. what an amazing little guy!!! We also have a little man with HLHS, Owen, six months today! It's so great to be able to read other's journeys through their heart challenges and say "oh.. good... I'm not he only one!"

I will pray that things go well with his upcoming heart cath... those things are always dreaded in our home. It's just breaks my heart anytime they have to do any procedure.

Hopefully everything will come back looking good and he will have a quick recovery.

Feel free to stop by our blog anytime!

Owen's Mom

Laura said...

What a handsome little guy! SO happy to hear you guys are back home. We will keep Gavin in our prayers. Hope all goes well with the cath next week. See you guys at the next MLH meeting. Hope would love to see Gavin!!

The Spohrer's

Anonymous said...

As always ,you are in my prayers. I am hoping that everything goes well. Tell Gavin he is too cute, and the hair is so

take care, keep in touch..

Anonymous said...

You all three are in our thoughts and always in our hearts!!!!!

Love, The Voss Family

Adorable picture of Gavin!!!!!!

Kristen OQ said...

I have been keeping up with Gavin from my mom via your Granny. Hope he is feeling better! Cute, cute, cute picture of him.

Kara said...

It was so good to see u guys tonight-and he is SUCH a cutie! Please know that we are praying for you and remember God is in control. Keep us updated!!
Love u guys!

Heather said...

What a cutie he is!! I can't believe how fast he is growing up!! We are continually praying for Gavin and Mama and Daddy...We have been here in OKC at the hospital since Thursday too. Praying for strength!!