Thursday, June 26, 2008

Updated Prayer List...

Please note that I have added two babies to the prayer list, Baby Brecken and Baby Bailey.

I came across Baby Brecken's site from some of my fellow blogger friend's. Baby Brecken has not made her arrival yet. She was diagnosed in-utero. This was a post from Brecken's site:

The doctor said:

1. That her kidneys are weird looking and always will be but they will function just fine.
2. That something is wrong with them and they will start to fail. Not sure what, but for sure wrong.
3. That she has polycystic kidney disease (yea, try to say that fast). He talked a lot about this one and I feel sure this is what he feels it is.

Baby Brecken's family has been through a lot in the past 2 years. They had another child, Baby Janey who passed away shortly after birth. Even though we have never met this family, I feel connected to them in a certain way. I know the up's and down's of finding out your un-born child has a fatal disease. Please keep them in your prayers!

Baby Bailey is in our Mended Little Hearts support group. Her mother and I have become very good friends. Yesterday, we were going to have lunch together when I received a phone call from Jenny (Bailey's mom) letting me know that they were headed to the hospital for Bailey's open heart surgery on Friday. They have made it safely to their destination and they are preparing for surgery tomorrow. Please keep Bailey, Jenny and Brandon in your prayers. Also keep their family in your prayers as they travel back and forth.

Thank you for being such great prayer warriors!!!


Allison said...

Oh my goodness Gavin is cute! Thanks for the comment on my blog! It'll be fun to follow a fellow HLHS little boy!

Anonymous said...

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