Monday, June 09, 2008

BUSY equals Lack of Posting....

So after numerous phone calls/emails, I have decided I better update before I get threats...

I feel like we have been going non-stop around here...

LOTS to catch up on! Gavin turned 19 months on May 13th... which means he is almost 20 months!!! I can't believe it!!!

Gavin's favorite foods at 19 months:

*Black Olives
*Turkey, Cheese, Pickle Sandwich with WHEAT bread!
*CHEESE, any kinds!!
*Chicken Nuggets
*Grilled Chicken
*Any kinds of pasta w/ marinara and stuffed cheese (ie, lasagna, manicotti, ravioli), however, he does NOT like Mac N Cheese, strange I know
*Any kinds of cereal
*Every kind of dried fruit
*PICKLES and more PICKLES!!!

He goes back and fourth on foods, but for the most part when he is hungry, he will eat!

Favorite words:

*Der or Der go (There you go)
*Dinkkk (drink)
*Doooce (Juice)
*Credit Card (he was playing in Adam's wallet and we were telling him what everything was, so he started saying Credit Card, I know not good!)
*No duh

Slowly, he is starting to put two words together...

Favorite animal sounds:

*Monkey along w/ the facial expressions

Favorite things to do:

*Swim, play in the sprinkler
*Play w/ bubbles
*Be outside!
*Go to the park
*Read books
*Play w/ his cousins!
*Scream in public places, especially if he hears another child doing it, which has resulted in leaving full grocery carts and restaurants
*Pick his nose w/ both fingers, we laugh at him so he thinks he should keep doing it, he just walks around w/ both fingers up his nose
*Flex his muscles and grunt
*Give kisses, hugs and squeezes (squeezes are very tight hugs around the neck)


We can't believe what a BIG boy you are becoming. You are FULL of personality!!! We love you very much and enjoy each and every day with you!!


Mama and Dada

(Picture taken by Betsy G. our favorite photographer! Gavin in his heart walk shirt...)

Almost a month ago, Gavin was taken by ambulance to the hospital, a long story, and very scary but he is doing GREAT now... so let's just focus on that.... I wanted to post some pictures of him while he was admitted, because they are too cute! The kid has had the stethoscope used on him many times that he knows how to do it himself!

Even though he is stuck in the "cage", he is one happy boy!

MORE pictures to come soon, I PROMISE!!!


Sarah said...

Finally!! I LOVE updates!! What a big boy!! He is precious!!

Erin said...

I'm so glad you posted an update! I totally understand about being busy; my own blog has become less of a priority lately.

I can't wait to hear Gavin say all of his words and "perform" all of tricks in a few days!!! I'm glad he can say M&M's. That's a very important word when we're shopping at Publix in Florida. A beach vacation wouldn't be complete without bags and bags of M&M's. Ha!

All of his pics are precious, as always! He looks like a pro with the stethoscope. Those doctors better watch out!

Megan said...

Yay! A new update!
My sisters told me they saw you in the mall - I was going to go with them, I wish I would have now!
Those pictures are so precious. Glad everything is ok now! Hope to see you soon - between the new baby and wedding stuff I have been in Tulsa more often lately. I will let you know when I have a free day and we can get together!

Laura said...

Hope everything is ok with Gavin-

I absolutely love the photo from Betsy Gregory Photography. We've been using her for a while too. I saw it on her site when she published your session preview.

It was nice to meet you in OKC during the heartwalk.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking about you and Gavin just today!! How random... glad to hear everyone is going okay. I'm home for the rest of the summer, so be expecting a phone call soon. We'll do lunch.

Anonymous said...

I love this post.....I love reading all about Gavin's favorite things to say, do & eat!!!! I love his cute pictures too! Thanks for sharing!

Love to all!
The Voss Family

Davis Family said...

What a precious boy!! May God continue to bless you guys - through the trials and the good times.
Roberta & family

Kimberly said...

Yippe for an update! Gavin is absolutely precious and I'm so glad he ended up being okay. His pictures of Betsy's are great. i love that he loves to pick his nose with 2 fingers!

Amy said...

Hi. You do not know me. I found a link to your blog on another blog. After reading about your Gavin I learned that he was born with the same condition my son Jack's best friend was born with. If you are interested here is his website.
He is a very active, awesome 6 year old! I also left your link on his guestbook. I hope you dont mind, the more prayers the better! His mother is AMAZING and if you have any questions I KNOW she would be more than willing to talk to you! Praying for Gavin,
Amy and Family

Hicks Family said...

thank you for your sweet comment. please do add us to your prayer list. I believe that prayer can heal and that is all we can do for Brecken right now. Thanks in advance for your prayers.