Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Can you say Barbara?

**BTW: Barbara is my Grandmother, or "Granny".... so yes we know someone named Barbara! ;)
Some people didn't believe us when we said Gavin can say "Barbara"... Here is the proof. Notice the smiling Gavin does in the video? That was the winking smile he did when he escaped out of his car seat. He also does that anytime you get a camera out! Enjoy!


Max's Family said...

That is too cute! Do y'all know someone named Barbara or is that just random? I love the winking smile!

Erin said...

Your kid is a genius!! He may need to come teach speech therapy to all the kiddos I work with!

His smile/wink and cute little face are soooo adorable in this video!!

paige griffin said...

He is the cutest! I love the the smile and wink. It just melts your heart.

Anonymous said...

Gavin is just the cutest little man!!!!! We loved watching that video...Daric and Brayson wanted to watch it over and over!