Monday, August 06, 2007


Gavin's newest trick is to clap! He started clapping over the weekend! He has also started waving "bye-bye". We couldn't get him to do it on camera though.

I am working on the crawling video (you can see him crawling a little in this video), not sure why it is not showing!


Anonymous said...

Gavin looks so cute in the video!!!!!

Love, The Voss Family

Erin said...

SUPER CUTE!!! I love his clapping, crawling and cute little laugh. Such a sweet boy!

KohensMomma said...

That's so cute! I love how happy he is! Yay for clapping and crawling!

Heather said...

Ahhh I love the hat!!! :) The clapping is sooo cute...just watch out Mom and Dad with the's just the beginning :) :) You have such a precious little boy!!