Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mr. Mischievous

Yesterday I was on my way home from Gavin's neurologist appointment and it got very quite in the back seat. I turned around to check on Gavin and he was sitting up in his car seat! (He is still in the rear facing infant car seat) He was looking in his mirror that hangs on the back of the seat and having a great time. I pulled him back as fast as I could and pulled over into a parking lot. When we got into the parking lot he knew I wasn't very happy so he turned around stood up and starting smiling as hard as he could with his eyes squinted! He has learned how to push the button and remove his arms from the straps!!! It is definitely time to upgrade to a new car seat!!! (This isn't a picture from the actual scene, but this is what he looked like)

On a side note, Gavin had another spell last Thursday, luckily he had his cardiologist appointment in OKC on Friday. So the cardiologist and neurologist felt that it would be best for Gavin to have another EEG and an MRI. Gavin will be under anesthesia for the MRI so please keep him in your prayers. I will let everyone know the dates as soon as I receive a phone call!


Davis Family said...

Little rascal! What a clever little man.

Erin said...

Gavin is just too smart and likes to push his momma's buttons. Hopefully he'll realize the need to stay safe and buckled up from now on!

We'll pray his upcoming tests show nothing but good things!!

Heather said...

What a 'big' lil' man he is becoming! That is hillarious and of course the picture is too cute. Gavin (and you guys) are in our prayers for the upcoming tests!

Anonymous said...

That little man is too cute and too smart! How funny!!!!!

Please know that we are thinking of Gavin and his mommy and daddy!

The Voss Family

Alison said...

Sounds like Gavin is a lot like my older daughter! She figured out long ago how to slip out of her car seat straps.

We'll be thinking of Gavin during his upcoming MRI and hope it leads to some positive answers for you all.

-Alison (abby's mom)