Monday, August 13, 2007

Gavin at 10 Months...

Gavin's newest way of telling us he is finished with dinner! Mr. Temper Tantrum himself...

Gavin at 10 Months...

*You have 5 teeth: top two and three on the bottom!
*You can crawl
*You pull up
*You like to scream/squeal and hit whoever is holding you in the chest when you get excited, you do this as soon as Dada gets home from work!
*You are VERY talkative now and we LOVE IT!
*You clap
*You wave bye-bye
*You can say "moo" (cow)
*You can say Dada and you said Mama for the first time last night while taking a bath!
*You call Aunt Kristen's boyfriend Kyle "Bubba"
*You can "Raise the Roof" (throw both hands in the air, we will have to get that on video)

Gavin, you have started doing so many things so fast and we are extremely proud of all you have accomplished. We love watching you grow and seeing your beautiful smile everyday. God has truly blessed us with a MIRACLE!!!

Mama and Dada


Drea said...

That is sooo cute!!
And wow he seems to be eating so well, at least what he was eating that night.
Gavin keep up the amazing work!

Davis Family said...

Wow he is really growing! Very cool! Isn't it crazy how fast time passes?
God speed Gavin!

Max's Family said...

I LOVE the videos! That is hilarious!

Erin said...

Those videos crack me up!! Even when he is mad he's still cute! I'm so proud of all the milestones he's been reaching. Way to go Gavin!!!

Kimberly said...

Oh Gavin you are adorable! I have got to see the "raise the roof"-too funny!
Adalie & Gavin sure have a lot in common when it comes to letting us know things, huh!