Friday, July 13, 2007

9 Months, Crawling, and a NEW Hair Cut!

Happy 9months to Gavin!

Gavin "attempted" to crawl on his 9month birthday!

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Erin said...

Way to go Gavin!!!

Anonymous said...

We love watching Gavin.
You better enjoy the next few days because he is going to be on the move very soon. How exciting!
He really has great hair too!!!!
Love you, Suzanne and Larry

nana said...


Happy 9 months!! Your Grandpa and I love you very much and are so happy that you are in our life. You melt our hearts with those big green/blue eyes. Your smile brings everyone joy. Thank you for those special hugs and kisses we get. That is some of the best love a Grandparent could ever have. You are in our prayers every day. Remember Jesus loves you. That is the greatest love of all. You are definitely one of his miracles.

Keep trying to get your train you will get the hang of it then mom and dad will be chasing you all over the place (Oh yeah and you might want to hide your train when grandpa comes over because you won't ever get to play with it)he, he.



Heather said...

VERY cute!!

Anonymous said... are too cute!!!! You will be chasing that train everywhere pretty soon! Way to go!!!!!! Happy 9 months!!!!

Lots of Love!
The Voss Family

p.s. your buddy Daric says hi...he loves trains too!