Thursday, June 28, 2007


Here are some pictures and video from our trip....ENJOY!

Dada and Gavin sitting in the airport, waiting for our delayed flight

Uncle Ryan, Gavin and Adam on the plane

Gavin checking out the view

Kisses from Mommy

Dada and Cousin Camryn asleep (Dada was faking it)

"Are we there yet?"

Beach Shoes!

Gavin's first time in the sand

Our "Backyard"

"You're my BEST friend!"

"You are so funny Carson!"

Playing with the sand toys

"I am ready to hit the beach!"

Checkin' out the water

Another "backyard" view

Red/Purple Flag Day- Marine Life

Dada got pinched by a crab! Ouch!

I know I am cute!

Hangin' out on Carson's shoulders

I miss my Auntie Erin!

Wild Hair

Playin' with my toys

You cant really tell in this picture, but there are three black specks, dolphins!!

Eating Dada's cell phone

The Condo we stayed in

Dada and Uncle Jon's deep sea fishing trip

"Sucker Fish"


Taking a walk with Dada

"Yummy, taste like formula"

Looking at the horizon

Me and My Cousin

Footprints in the Sand!

"I love Dada kisses!"

"See ya next year!"

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Two weeks ago we packed up, headed to the airport and made our way to Tennessee...
Gavin did great on the airplane. He screamed a little bit as we were making our way into the air. I tried to get him to suck on a pacifier or a bottle for his ears, but he didn't feel like it! Eventually he feel asleep. He was a wonderful traveler!

We arrived in Tennessee late Friday and spent the night with Gavin's Aunt Erin and Uncle Jon. We got up the next morning and we were ready to go. We had two vehicles. Papa and Mimi's vehicle had a UHaul trailer to carry our luggage, food, beach umbrellas, etc. As we pulled out of the gas station the UHaul got a flat tire! So that put our trip back a couple of hours. We were thankful it happened before we left instead of on the highway.
That evening we made it to the beach! We got up the next morning and went to eat Brunch at a local restaurant. There were some shops, so we walked around and took some pictures. When we got back to the condo we headed outside and hit the beach! Gavin loved the sand and water! He squealed and had a blast.

On the last full day at the beach, a shark decided to make an appearance. Gavin and I were taking a nap the first time the shark decided to swim close to the beach. We heard all about it when we woke up. When we went out for beach time, it decided to come back! People were running down the beach screaming "shark!!" It looked like it was only about 4-5 feet, so we thought it was a baby, but we were worried about a momma shark looking for the baby! I think we were all a little hesitant to get back in the water. Good thing it was the last day! The whole week was full of beach time, going to Publix to purchase buy one get one free M&M's (a favorite), playing games, watching video from Mimi and Papa's China trip, eating good food, deep sea fishing, getting pinched by crabs (Papa and Dada), pulling up for the first time, saying "Dada" for the first time, pictures, and more BEACH TIME!


KohensMomma said...

It looks like you had a great time! The pictures are beautiful and Kohen was laughing at the water in the pictures!

Max's Family said...

Oh my gosh, I am fairly certain that you stayed in the same condo we were in. The pictures couldn't look more identical. Then when I saw the pic of the condo from the outside, I was even more sure b/c the house right by the condos is like the house by our condo we stayed in. Any chance you were at Sea Grove beach? We stayed in the dark brown condo, if you're facing it from the beach we were all the way on the left. We were just there a few weeks ago. My pics are on my flickr acct.

Heather said...

The pics of your lil' man on the beach are too cute! It was nice to meet you guys at the zoo!

paige griffin said...

It certaintly looked like Gavin had a great time on the beach. He is getting so big and cute. But he has always been cute.

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Love all the pics and looks like Gavin had a great trip! Thanks for sharing! Hope you all are doing great!

Love, The Voss Family

Erin said...

You have the best pictures and video from our trip!!! I still haven't downloaded my pics, but as soon as I do I'll email them to you. Gavin was such a GREAT boy on vacation!!!

Anonymous said...

So glad you guys had a great time! The pictures are adorable!

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are adorable! Glad you had a great time. We just got home last night and are exhausted!! Hope to see you all soon! xoxo~Mitzi

Anonymous said...

Oh Faith...I just love the pics. You all look like you had a blast and I'm so happy that you're able to do that! Gavin is growing and getting cuter every day!! Call me sometime and we'll have to scrapbook together...or I can play with Gavin while you scrapbook! Tricia

Kristen said...

I love all of these pictures you posted of the trip. It looks like all of you had such a wonderful time together on the beach. Gavin is such a cutie!

Anonymous said...

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