Sunday, April 01, 2007

Gavins First Prom

Saturday night Kristen (my sister) had her Senior Prom. We took Gavin over to give her a rose and to go to the park to take pictures. He loved being outside and did pretty good during the picture taking.

Aunt Kristen and "Uncle" Kyle
Handsome Gavin!!

Daddy and Gavin
"Uncle" Kyle
Beautiful Aunt!
Smellin' the Roses
Daddy hates this picture (thinks its too girly with the rose petals), But Mommy loves it!
Attempting to eat the Rose
"I am DONE"
Off they go!


Anonymous said...

Gavin looks soooo cute!!! I like the rose petal picture too. Aunt Kristen looks beautiful!!! Gavin is lucky to have such a loving family. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us.
xoxo Mitzi

Erin said...

These pictures are absolutely precious!!!! I can't stop looking at them!!!!

Kristen and Kyle looked great for their special night. I hope they had fun!

Can't wait to see you all this weekend. Will you dress Gavin in this cute outfit for me!?!?

Adam and Faith said...


We cant wait to see you! and of course, we can play dress up!!

Max's Family said...

He looks so cute! Max has the same outfit! I love your sister's dress - she looked gorgeous. Thanks for listing Max in your prayer requests - we really appreciate it!

Kimberly said...

WONDERFUL Pictures!!!!!!!!!!
Gavin looks like such a pimp (I mean that in the best way possible!)! I love the rose petals and your sister's yellow dress! We hope we'll get to see you guys at church for the baby dedication thing in a few weeks!

Adam and Faith said...


Haha!!! Exactly! We cant wait to see you, I am so excited that Gavin will get to be apart of something so special!