Thursday, February 15, 2007

Thursday Update

Thank you for the prayers they have definitely worked!!! Gavin is doing much better today! We haven't received the EEG results yet but the doctors believe his left side activity is improving. We may even be able to go tomorrow or Saturday!!! With physical therapy, they believe Gavin will heal and be back to normal. Tonight we will learn about the feeding tube and how to insert it. We are a little nervous about the feeding tube but hopefully we will not have to use it for long. Thanks again for all of the prayers and encouragement. It has been a little harder than we thought this second time but God has been GOOD!


Anonymous said...

Way to go Gavin! Keep up the good work and know that our prayers for your healing never cease.


Erika said...



And I hope you both can rest and relax a little bit now. *HUG*

Mama to Sammy, HLHS/DORV

Anonymous said...

So glad that Gavin is doing better...and I hope that you all can go home soon!

Keeping you all three in our thoughts and prayers.

Love, Mona Gayle

Kimberly said...

Wondeful news! God is good! Gavin is such a tough cookie! Hope your home soon!

Kayley said...

I am so glad little Gavin has pulled through all of these obstacles. I've been praying and thinking about you guys everyday! Go Gavin go!!

KohensMomma said...

Thats such good news! :) I hope that he continues to make steps forward. And they prayers will continue!

Anonymous said...

Faith & Adam,
So glad to hear the good report! I too am keeping the whole family in my prayers and believing you will be home soon. Gavin is such a sweetie. Stay strong & know that you are being lifted up!!!

Andrea Pittman (Cedar Ridge)