Friday, February 23, 2007


First thank you to everyone who has donated money or sent us money to send in! We appreciate all of your generosity!!

Gavin turned four months while we were in the hospital. So I thought I would post a picture of him at four months.

*Since we have been home Gavin is MUCH happier, I NEVER KNEW HE COULD SMILE SO MUCH!!!

*We took his feeding tube out yesterday because he is eating much better! Ya!!

*He likes to play on the floor and try to sit up, with lots of help from mommy and daddy

*He hasn't rolled over since we have been home, but we aren't doing tummy time until he is completely healed

*He started physical therapy yesterday, he LOVED the lady that came to our house, he was very flirty! ;)

We love you Gav, this has been the BEST four months of my life!!


Anonymous said...

Can he get any cuter!?! I'm so glad Gavin is doing well!! Thank you, God! Isn't it awesome to actually see answered prayers? Kate is a little jealous that Gavin flirted with someone else! She thought she was his main squeeze!! We can't wait to see him soon.

Ethel said...

Faith, Gavin looks precious! I can't even imagine the ups and downs you and your family have been through, but hearing you say these have been the best 4 months of your life tells me what kind of Mom you are. I hope to be able to meet your inspirational little family, in person, when we move from Canada back to good ol' B.A. this summer. Stay strong and kiss Gavin's little toes for me. Baby Toes are my Fav.!

Desiree said...

What a cutie!!! I'm so glad that Gavin is doing better! What an answer to prayers. I can't wait to see him again!

Love yall!
Desiree and Kenny

Erin said...

Oh my, this picture brought tears to my eyes! Too sweet!!! Jon and I couldn't stop looking at it!!

I'm so glad Gavin's feeding tube is out, and that he's acting like a happy baby. God is so good!!!

Kristen said...

What a cutie in his little polo shirt. We are thinking about you guys...glad the feeding tube was able to come out!

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys...he is such a cutie!!!! I love the new pic! I am so glad to hear that the feeding tube is out! Extra happy to hear about all the smiles little Gavin is giving you...that is awesome! We are looking forward to the walk so that we can finally meet you! Keep smiling Gavin!
Love, Mona Gayle and Family

Kimberly said...

I love Gavin pictures! I could look at them all day long! He looks like he is so happy to be home!