Friday, January 26, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Thanks to Aunt Tara for updating the blog since we had an unplanned stay at the hospital. Gavin is doing much better today. We were discharged after noon today. We got to stay in the new Children's Hospital. It has only been open for the past three days. We enjoyed it, it was nice. Gavin is now on Soy formula, Erika you knew it all along! ;) He has had so many tummy issues since we brought him home they decided to try the Soy formula. So far, so good! Gavin did not sleep at all last night, after coming out of anesthesia he thought it was time to play instead of sleep. So we are all pretty exhausted today. Like Aunt Tara said the docs think he is definitely ready for the next surgery. His shunt was very narrow and he had some gradient in his heart. We are still on to report to OKC on Sunday, February 4th. Here are some recent pictures of Gavin. Thank you again for the prayers and support!
"Mom enough with the camera!"
Getting ready to leave for Edmond, Gavin was hungry so he didn't want his picture taken
Daddy making him happy!
I am ready to go!
"Look I can stand"
Hanging out with Papa Ron
"Hey Papa I got this"
"See I am a pro"
Cuddling with Mimi
Daddy fixed my hair for me before bedtime
The latest hair style


Erin said...

I am SOOOO happy Gavin's procedure went well and that you all home safe and sound!!! Thank you for posting such sweet pictures. Gavin looks like such a little man in his jeans and dress shirt in the first couple of pictures. It looks like he had fun at the hospital...standing on the bed and hanging out with his MiMi and PaPa. The last couple of pictures are adorable...I LOVE the new hairstyle.

Lots of love from Tennessee!!

Max's Family said...

So glad things went well!!! I love the new pictures!!!

Kimberly said...

Gavin is such a great little guy! I'm so thankful he's doing so great. Adalie thinks he looks so cute!