Monday, January 08, 2007

Beautiful Boy


Kristen said...

He IS a beautiful baby boy! I can't wait to hopefully meet him sometime soon.

Thanks for your sweet phone message on Friday -- we appreciated it!

Davis Family said...

We have been following your progress closely also. Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. I think we always look more in control than we feel. I am sure that many of your family and friends are awestruck by your strength and fortitude.
Just know that God is with you always even when you don't feel like you are particularly strong.
I hope you get a surgery date soon and that Gavin sails through that.
With a name like Gavin he has to grow into a very busy and creative little boy - it comes with the territory!
God Bless you and your family - if you every feel like emailing me please do -
Roberta Davis & family

Erin said...

This picture melts my heart!!!

I love his big, alert eyes and his adorable face.

Is he going for non-spiked hair today? It looks kinda cute combed down.

I miss you guys!!