Wednesday, November 29, 2006

First Meltdown

In honor of the snow we may get ;) ! and Gavin having a major meltdown last night (so bad we had to get in the car and drive around the block at 12:30 am to get him to go to sleep) Here is a picture of him in his meltdown attire! We are hoping for snow since we are stuck in the house anyway!! (If you cant read the shirt it says "first meltdown")


jon said...

I am originally from Bartlesville, OK and now live in Huntsville, AL. When my son was born 12/14/04 I missed the better part of the OU game driving him around trying to get him to calm down. At least he is having a good OU season. Lawson, my son, had a rough one. Lost to KS for Big XII championship and then lost to USC.

Erin said...

His facial expression cracks me up!! I hate that he had a meltdown in the middle of the night, but at least he had the appropriate attire to wear because of it. I saw the Oklahoma weather today and am excited you guys may get snow! We were supposed to get it on Friday, but we may just get rain now. :(