Monday, October 23, 2006

Monday Update

Gavin's surgery was late this afternoon and lasted about an hour. The surgeon said that everything looks good. His blood pressure went up a bit but then back down; the nurses said this was typical. They are continuing to watch over him but at this time, everything looks good. Adam and Faith have asked for continued prayers for Gavin, especially during the next 24 hours, which is the critical period. God is good and keep praying!


justin & lauren moore said...

adam and faith
justin and i will keep praying for gavin. its great news that wvwrything is going good

Erin said...

I'll continue to pray that Gavin recovers from his latest procedure, and I'll pray that the next couple of days will be smooth and uneventful. Keep your eyes and hearts turned to God and all of those who are surrounding you with love, prayers, and encouragement!

Burnettes said...

Praise the Lord...another accomplishment...but not out of the woods yet...need to keep prayers flowing...which we will to all and Tara you are doing a great job keeping all of us "old" people posted on Gavin's progress...what a great auntie you are...Bruce and Karen