Friday, October 20, 2006

Friday Update II

"Spiked Look"

Gavin is doing well this evening. He had a visit from his cardiologist; every fourth heartbeat there is a skip... may be medication related or may clear up after chest is closed up. Adam and Faith went out to dinner tonight with Faith's mom and a family friend - they got a good night's rest last night and have had a good day. Thanks to everyone for their continued thoughts and prayers.


Erin said...

Praise God for Gavin's steady improvements and healing!! We absolutely love the spiked hair! We want to see a picture of the mohawk. :) We can't wait to see you at the end of the week!!

Erin & Jon

justin & lauren moore said...

gavin looks so cute with his hair like that! Justin and i are giving blood on monday. we are very excited that we get to help in some way. hope everything is going good your in our prayers.

justin and lauren moore

erika said...

How adorable!

I hope the silence the past two days is simply an indication that things are nice and uneventful!

We're still thinking of you guys all the time.